Experiencias de outsourcing en diversos tipos de empresas

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  • Publicado : 19 de octubre de 2010
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Barriers to entry

Inkafarma company is defined as a chain of pharmacies, which in recent years has quietly been using a lot of barriers to entry. Identified fourbarriers to entry are clearly part of their management strategy. His first pharmacy in Spain was opened ten years ago and since then has been devoted to the purchaseof major facilities used to host their pharmacies, this being a barrier to entry such as "hard" which has resulted in success as Now, despite being a foreign companyhas established itself in our country have a strategy to consider barriers to entry such as "soft" because it has devoted to advertising by the hand of a marketingstrategy that has made pharmacies in the mark "most remembered" as Arellano Marketing study and which justifies the correct result after the application of the barrierto entry "hard" we mentioned before with the expansion of new stores

Customer care is another barrier that employs Inkafarma and television advertisements thatemphasized his good treatment of its human resources who have direct contact with the customer and shows people are happy for the good treatment. However, as anotherbarrier to entry for "soft" consumers identify as another marketing strategy that uses very well and the price is more comfortable when we dedicate ourselves to listtheir products with their competitors. Finally, if Inkafarma is having great success with its chain of pharmacies is because behind the brand is a management team thatensures that business processes are resulting in success will therefore consider this as a strategy of "soft" barrier of entry for implementing an effective management.
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