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µPD75004, 75006, 75008
The µPD75008 is one of the 75X Series 4-bit single-chip microcomputer. In addition to high-speed operation with 0.95 µ s minimum instruction execution time for the CPU, the

µ PD75008 employs a serial bus interface with standard NEC format, the µPD75004 is a powerful product with
ahigh cost/performance ratio. The µ PD75P008 with PROM, which is provided with µPD75008, is applicable for evaluating systems under development, or for small-scale production of developed systems.

Detailed functions are described in the following user’s manual. Be sure to read it for designing.
µPD7500X Series User’s Manual: IEM-5033

• Capable of high-speed operation and variableinstruction execution time to power save • 0.95 µs, 1.91 µs, 15.3 µs (Main system clock: operating at 4.19 MHz) • 122 µs (Subsystem clock: operating at 32.768 kHz) • 75X architecture comparable to that for an 8-bit microcomputer is employed • Built-in NEC standard serial bus interface (SBI) • Clock operation at reduced power dissipation (5 µA TYP. : operating at 3 V) • Enhanced timer function (3channels) • Interrupt functions especially enhanced for applications, such as remote control receiver

VCRs, CD players, telephones, cameras, blood pressure gauges, etc.

Unless otherwise specified, µ PD75008 is treated as the representative model throughout this manual.
The information in this document is subject to change without notice.

Document No. IC-2633C (O. D. No.IC-7673E) Date Published November 1993 P Printed in Japan

The mark 5 shows major revised points.

© NEC Corporation 1990

µPD75004, 75006, 75008

Part Number Package 42-pin plastic shrink DIP (600 mil) 44-pin plastic QFP (s 10 mm) s 42-pin plastic shrink DIP (600 mil) 44-pin plastic QFP (s 10 mm) s 42-pin plastic shrink DIP (600 mil) 44-pin plastic QFP (s 10 mm) s QualityGrade Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard

µPD75004CU-xxx µPD75004GB-xxx-3B4 µPD75006CU-xxx µPD75006GB-xxx-3B4 µPD75008CU-xxx µPD75008GB-xxx-3B4
Remarks: xxx is ROM code number.

Please refer to “Quality Grade on NEC Semiconductor Devices” (Document Number IEI-1209) published by NEC Corporation to know the specification of quality grade on the devices and its recommendedapplications.


µPD75004, 75006, 75008

Item Instruction Execution Time Internal Memory ROM RAM General-Purpose Registers

Function 0.95, 1.91, and 15.3 µs, (Main system clock: operating at 4.19 MHz) 122 µs (Subsystem clock: operating at 32.768 kHz) 4096 × 8-bit (µPD75004) 6016 × 8-bit (µPD75006) 8064 × 8-bit (µPD75008) 512 × 4-bit • 4-bit manipulation: 8 • 8-bitmanipulation: 4 8 18 CMOS Input pins CMOS input/output pins Can directly drive LED: 4 8 N-ch open-drain input/output Can directly drive LED: 8 Withstand voltage: 10V Internal pull-up resistor specification by mask option is possible. Internal pull-up resistor specification by software is possible. : 25

I/O Port


Timer/event counter Timer Serial Interface Bit Sequential Buffer Vector InterruptTest Input System Clock Oscillator Standby Function Operating Temperature Range Operating Supply Voltage Package 3 chs Basic interval timer: Also serves as watchdog timer Watch timer: Buzzer output possible 3-line serial I/O mode 2-line serial I/O mode SBI mode 16 bits
3 4 6

Clock Output Function Φ, fx/2 , fx/2 , fx/2

External: 3, Internal: 3 External: 1, Internal: 1 Main system clockoscillation ceramic/crystal oscillator Subsystem clock oscillation crysal ocillator STOP/HALT mode –40 to +85°C 2.7 to 6.0 V 42-pin plastic shrink DIP (600 mil) 44-pin plastic QFP (s 10 mm) s


µPD75004, 75006, 75008


PIN CONFIGURATION (TOP VIEW) ...............................................................................................



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