Federalist vs anti- federalists

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Federalist vs. Anti-Federalist
Task:  The political struggle over ratification in the status was intense, sometimes bitter, and lasted ten months.  Your task is to write a report giving your bestreasoned judgment as to wether or not the Constitution of the United States should be ratified.  In making your decision and planning your report you must make sure the views of two major groupsreceived a fair and complete hearing.  The two major groups are:
1.  The Federalists:  The Federalists wrote the Constitution and wished the country to ratify it.  They included John Jay, AlexanderHamilton, and James Madison.
2.  The Anti-Federalists.  The Anti-Federalists wished to defeat the Constitution.  They included George Mason, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and Patrick Henry. 
The arguments for and against the Constitution focused on three basic questions:  (a) Will the new Constitution maintain a republican form of government? (b) Will the national government have toomuch power?  (c) is a bill of rights needed?
Cooperative Assignment:  Write one report for the group, everyone must agree, and everyone has to be able to explain the decision made and the rationaleas to why the decision is a good one.
The Federalists
You represent the Federalist perspective.  Your position is that the Constitution must be ratified.  In prepairing your position writeseveral slogans for the ratification of the Constitution.  Also make atleast one visual to help you present a persuasive case for ratification.
1. Without controls on factions gaining control ofgovernment for their personal gain a republic will not work.  History proves that all the small republics in the past were destroyed by special interests.  The citizens civic virtue was not enough toprevent them from seeking their own selfish interests rather than the common welfare.  Special interests can be more easily controlled in a large republic where (a) the government is organized on the...
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