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NAME:______________________________________________ ID Nº ___________________________

A) Complete the sentences. Use these verbs.

study | work | like | use | do | eat | walk | teach | speak | live

1) He______lives__________ in a small flat.
2) She and Carlos _____studies________ German on Mondays.
3) Mario ____likes__________ his job, it's fun.

4) She _______eats____ breakfast at 8.00 am.5) Tom _______work__________ from home.
6) We __________use________ computers.
7) They're very good students, they always _______does________ their homework.
8) He never ______walk________to work, he always drives.
9) Mr. Bean __________teaches_____ English in London.
10) His student ____speak___________ a little English

B) Fill in all the gaps

1) He ________doesn´tlike_________________ his job, it's boring. (not like)
2) They _________don´t live_________________ in a small flat. (not live)
3) She _____doesn´t study____________________ German on Mondays. (notstudy)

4) Laura ___________doesn´t eat________________ breakfast at 8.00 am. (not eat)
5) Your student ________doesn´ work_______________ from home. (not work)
6) We _____________don´tuse_____________ computers. (not use)
7) He’s not a very good student, he ________doesn´t do___________________ his homework. (not do)
8) He _________doesn´t walk________________ to work, he always drives. (notwalk)
9) Mr. Bean _____doesn´ teach________________________ German in London. (not teach)
10) His students _____doesn´ speak_________________________ German in class. (not speak)

C) Write thequestion for each answer

Do you work where do she live
a. _________________________...
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