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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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The NeighborBlood

On a cloudy day Michael opened his eyes, was focused on looking at the ceiling for a moment, a moment after his vampire posters, zombies, werewolves, among other great monsters (in the words of Michael who liked all those things), better, a Monday to go to school!, said Michael, rose early, bathed, changed the arrangement and down to breakfast. On the table was abrochure from a neighborhood that had never heard of him, which was very unusual because Michael had lived all his life in that city (Blackwater) and he had won the state prize of the locations of all cities. The brochure showed some houses spectacular, beautiful, the best in the country, though Michael seemed very strange because if his glasses were not dirty, the price of houses was less than 500thousand dollars, the neighborhood was called , the booklet with capital letters and black with red, "NeighborBlood" that rarest name, he said, Michael is strange for such a strange name for a beautiful neighborhood that was that, did not match anything, the name was dark with the word "blood" written on it, for such a nice place that was that. Michael recalled that his uncles and Bruce Ashleythought were changed because they wanted a bigger house and comfortable for them, which live in the house that is just the opposite.
So Michael and did not care, went on his way to his school called Corvallis, which was not a normal school, was a special school for children with large gifts of wisdom, about child geniuses, according to the school motto "manufacture geniuses, carefullyabsorb intelligence. "It was a silly slogan, but all was forgiven for his classes, the notes of his students and result in them, as 6 of every 10 graduates earned Nobel prizes in Corvallis, passed into history in science, mathematics, any subject. Michael was not far behind, his grades were perfect, with 10 from the first day of the school year to date, was first on the honor roll school,mathematics was an Albert Einstein, Isaac physics entire Newton, in music undoubtedly a Ludwig van Beethoven, in sports with big muscles and, according to his doctor, a very juicy meat was from a Michael Jordan up to Pele and Maradona together, this was the perfect guy in person. He entered his first class, advanced chemistry level 9; there was a discussion on the history of the periodic table, about thelife of Robert Boyle among other things that a normal young man would be very difficult.

Passed the test with a 10 and an extra point, passed to his second hour, it was history in which they were to summarize all the wars from first to last, came the third time and it was time to digital technology, which would build a robot driven by milk and garlic. Rang for recess, Michael took aspecial malted have more muscle, a vegetarian sandwich, an apple and a cake to finish, it was his best friend Jason, opposite Michael, was the last in the ratings, was fat, ate lots of potatoes, cakes, soft drinks, but I wanted as Jason had saved his life in first grade because a Friday night, Jason had forgotten his cell phone in his locker with his gym clothes and some chocolates she had receivedbrought from Switzerland when he heard a scream and a blow, the first thing Jason did was to feel a terrible chill and a fear that covered everything but take my fear and walked through the dark corridors, she saw a light in the distance and below a gate a red liquid that began to emerge, BLOOD, Jason said covering her mouth so no one would listen, got about three steps and opened the door, ashadow began to see, Jason was very scared, saw a hand stretch, Jason began to retreat when that "be unknown" cry, HELP!, Jason ran to him and saw a partner down, helped him sit up, he saw on his knee and his stomach were full of blood, Jason asked his name, Mic .. Mic .. Michael, Michael whispered, or my God, Jason, my name is Jason, Jason said scared, nice to meet, said Michael, good time to meet,...
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