First conditional

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First conditional
Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Form a Conditional sentence - type I. Only use the will-future in the main clauses.

Example: If I __ (to go) to the cinema, I ________(to watch) an interesting film.

Answer: If I go to the cinema, I will watch an interesting film.

|1) If I [pic](to study), I [pic](to pass) the exams.|
|2) If the sun [pic](to shine), we [pic](to walk) to the town. |
|3) If he [pic](to have) atemperature, he [pic](to see) the doctor. |
|4) If my friends [pic](to come), I [pic](to be) very happy.|
|5) If she [pic](to earn) a lot of money, she [pic](to fly) to New York. |
|6) If we [pic](to travel) to London, we[pic](to visit) the museums. |
|7) If you [pic](to wear) sandals in the mountains, you [pic](to slip) on the rocks.|
|8) If Rita [pic](to forget) her homework, the teacher [pic](to give) her a low mark. |
|9) If they [pic](to go) to the disco, they[pic](to listen) to loud music. |
|10) If you [pic](to wait) a minute, I [pic](to ask) my parents.|

Si llueve hoy, me quedaré en casa.

Si está ocupado ahora, regresaré mañana.

Si tengo tiempo, visitaré a mis padres esta tarde.

Si está caluroso mañana, iremos a la playa.•
Si está frío, debes usar ropa abrigada.

Si él no hace su tarea, no puede ir a la fiesta.

Si ella no te llama, tú puedes llamarla.

Si trabajas duro, puede que te conviertas en un...
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