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Vocabulary Chapter 1
Gestapo (n) - the secret police force of the German Nazis
Emigration (n) – the act of leaving one country or region to settle in another
Abstraction (n) – an idea or thoughtseparated from concrete reality
Expounding (v) – stating in detail, explaining
Edict (n) – an official public proclamation or order issued by an authority, such as a government or military authorityVocabulary Chapter 2
Expulsion (n) –a driving out, especially by force
Pillage (v) – to loot, to rob of property
Constraint (n) - restriction, especially of feelings and behaviors
S.S. (n) –abbreviation of Schutzstaffel; a military-style unit of the Nazi party that acted as a special police force
Incite (v) – to urge to act; to provoke
Vocabulary Chapter 3
Unremittingly (adv) –constantly; without interruption
Bestial (adj) – like a beast; cruel and savage
Lucidity (n) – clearheadness; clarity, rational understanding
Oblivion (n) – state of being completely forgotten
Kappos (n) –Nazi concentration camp prisoners who were given special privileges in return for supervising other prisoners on work crews.
Vocabulary Chapter 4
Harangued (v) – scolded, especially in a noisy andbullying way
Wizened (adj) – shriveled; dried up
Sanctity (n) – holiness; sacredness
Reprieve (n) – a postponement of punishment; a temporary relief
Aryan (n) – a term used by the Nazis to mean aCaucasian person of non-Jewish lineage

Vocabulary Chapter 5
Raucous (adj) – loud and rough sounding
Functionaries (n) – people who perform certain expected duties, especially official functionsImplored (v) – begged, pleaded sincerely
Lamentation (n) – an expression of grief or sadness
Countenance (n) – face or features of the face
Vocabulary Chapter 6
Interminable (adj) – endless orseeming to be endless
Emaciated (adj) – abnormally thin, especially due to starvation or disease
Meager (adj) – of small quantity
Inconsiderable (adj) –unimportant; small
Annihilate (v) – destroy...
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