Foda analysis apple inc 2008

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-Multiple product lines: By 2008 Apple has consolidated with different products. Among these are: the iPod, the iPhone, PCs, the iPod. This helps thecompany to diversify risk among each product particular industry.
- Strong brand presence. Apple has a growing brand presence among consumers, from the iPod to the PC; this help Apple to takeadvantage of the halo effect that poses its products. Furthermore, the continue reinvention and redesign of several of these products makes Apple to enjoy strong brand position and loyalty which isconsidered one of its most valuable asset.
-Rapidly broad market coverage. Apple multiple product lines and strong brand presence help to acquire rapidly an important amount of the U.S. market comparing withprevious years. By 2008 the U.S. Market share of Apple was 8.5%, while in the Global Market its share was 1.9% . This is an unexpected growth comparing with a fell of 3% three years ago.
-Costdifferentiation advantage. Apple development of many of its important software applications, such as iLife, makes Apple to save costs and not to be vulnerable of the exigencies of recognized softwareapplication producers. In addition, one of its important developments is the iTunes, which creates a vast music industry of legal downloading songs, using a practical device for its service such as theiPod, which generates staggering revenues.
-Product differentiation. Apple is the only strong brand that does not uses Windows architecture, making its software products unique and obtaining at the sametime cost differentiation advantage. In addition, the resulted of this differentiation help Apple to gain a well-known reputation in the industry since Apple OS is not subject ofcomputer viruses and hacking that affects regularly Microsoft Operating System.
- Unique bundle of products design to use as complements of each other. This makes Apple products inherent to each other...
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