Food psicology

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Tipsheets for Your Clients and Students
All of the papers and teaching materials on the other pages are free to download and use for educational purposes. On this page you can download or orderother materials that might be of help for you.

Bottoms Up! The Influence of Elongation on Pouring and Consumption Volume

Beware of the shape of the glass you use. You could drink much more than youthink. Studies at “Weight- loss Camps” (and with veteran bartenders) show that visual illusions unknowingly cause us to pour an average of 34% more into short wide glasses than tall narrow ones.Exploring Comfort Food Preferences across Age and Gender

When you crave a comfort food do you crave steak or ice cream? Researchers show that comfort foods can consist of both snack-related foods andmeal-related foods. Females tend to prefer snack-related comfort foods while males prefer more meal-related comfort foods.

Interactions between Forms of Fat Consumption and Restaurant BreadConsumption

Hidden cameras at Italian restaurants show that people who put olive oil on a piece of bread will eat more fat and calories than if they instead used butter. The good news… they eat fewerpieces of bread. After observing 341 people at Italian restaurants, researchers found two surprising facts 1) olive oil users soaked 26% more olive oil onto their bread and 2) olive oil users eat 23%less bread over the course of a meal.

How Visibility and Convenience Influence Candy Consumption

The farther you have to walk the less you eat. College secretaries ate twice as many chocolatekisses (9 versus 4) when these kisses were placed on their desk than when they were placed 6 feet away. They were also more likely to lose track of how many they had eaten.

Profiling NutritionalGatekeepers: Three Methods for Differentiating Influential Cooks

Great domestic cooks are “nutritional gatekeepers” who can unknowingly help define their family’s taste preferences and can facilitate...
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