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Foot Locker Inc
Taffani Morgan C7
September 23, 2010

1. Name of the company, corporate office location, a general description of the type of company and FISCAL year of annual report you areevaluating.

Foot Locker Inc. is the world`s largest retailer of athletically inspired footwear and apparel. The headquarters is locacated in New York City and the fiscal year I will be reportingis 2009.

2. List the 2009 sales volume (revenue) for your company, the 2008 sales volume and the percent change (show in a table like that shown below). List the 2009 net earnings (net income),2008 net earnings and the percent of change. (show in a table like that shown below) BE SURE to list the exact number (not 5.2 billion, but 5,200,000,000 to convert the number listed on the annualreport to the exact number- you may have to reduce font to fit).

In 2009 the sales results for Foot Locker Inc. are 4,854,000 and in 2008 the sales results were 5,237,000. The net debtcapitalization percent for 2009 43.0% and in 2008 the percent was 46.7%. The percentage changed about 3 percent between 2008 and 2009.

* Use a table like this to show numbers for question # 2. You canreduce font to 9 pt. to get numbers to fit.
2009 Sales | 2008 Sales | %Sales Change | 2009 Net Income | 2008 Net Income | % Net Income Change | Number of Stores 2009 | Number of Stores 2008 |4,854,000,000 | 5,237,000,000 | | 4,781,000,000 | 5,078,000,000 | | 1,218 | 1,275 |
2. State how the 2009 volume ranks in sales and in earnings on the “Top 100” and how did thatchange from 2008 (You will have to count for 2008). Explain what the information in the chart above tells you about your company (not just a repeat of the #s, but what do the numbers mean).

FootLocker Inc. ranks 83 on the Top 100 list. In 2008 it ranked 65. The chart above tells me that in 2009 Footlocker did not make as much money as they did in 2008 and but they also did not lose as money...
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