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Ultimate ShareCash !!

ShareCash allows you to upload files and then pays you as you get others to download your files. The difference between ShareCash and other sites is that ShareCash will pay A LOT more. ShareCash pays 300 to 600 dollars for every 1,000 downloads, where pays around 5 dollars for every 1,000 downloads. What I am going to show you right now is how you can graba hold of ShareCash and make AT LEAST 50 dollars a day from it! So first if you have not yet done so, click here: ShareCash- Make Money Uploading Files! And sign up for an account. There is no fee to sign up and it takes a few minutes to do so. Now you should familiarize yourself with the site so take a good 10 minutes or so to look around. Note the Upload button on the side, that is where youwill go to Upload your files. THE METHODS! Now I have spent some serious time developing these methods and making them work. Some are quick and easy and will bring some good cash while others will take more time,

but will bring Awesome cash!

Method 1: YouTube
This is an easy way to get started. People will download anything from YouTube. So to get started make sure you have an account withYouTube. Next go over to daily motion and find a good strip tease video where the girl gets naked at some point in the video. Download the video from daily motion using and fire up windows movie maker. The idea is that we want to post the video up to the point where it becomes obvious that the girl is about to show off some skin (boobs or bottom half) and then we cut the video rightthere. Now what you’re going to do is upload the cut portion to YouTube. Since there is no actual nudity in this video (since you cut it out) YouTube will not take the video down. Upload the entire video to sharecash and put the link in the description box next to your video. Give the video a long sexy name and watch as people download the entire video from your link in order to see the girlnaked! Tons of people search for girls on YouTube so your videos will get plenty of views very fast.

Method 2: Orkut and MySpace method
Signup to yahoo and MySpace account. Make around 300-400 friends on them. It will take little bit of time but you can do it easily if you spend around 1 hour daily on that and add around 50 persons a day. It’s not so easy but it’s not even so hard. I got around 500friends within two weeks.

Most important thing: Concentrate only of UK, US and Canada people because ShareCash only pays for these countries signups. It would be much easier for you if you join US and UK communities. If you are comfortable then try to make your profile by a girl’s name. Mostly people add a girl more commonly than a guy. After creating an ID with 400-500 friends. Add youruploaded pic in your profile or update status. For example: Create a notepad file. Clock it with your sharecash link and add in your profile. Encourage peoples to download your file by saying that this is your phone number, coolest or sexiest pic of yours, or be wilder like this is my nude cam show download it. There will be many hornies there to download your stuff. Update your profile daily and keepon adding more US and UK friends.

Method 3: Forums are your friend!
Ahh yes forums my favourite place to get downloads from. So what we're going to do for this method is find any porn forum and copy a few porn passwords that people post up. If you just look around at a few places like Dumpster Sluts Free Porn Forum you'll find a few passwords. Now go ahead and copy those passwords into a textdocument and archive it with winrar. Here's where we're going to do things a little differently. Most people will go and outright post these files on the forums with your download link. Now this will bring in a few bucks, but when the passwords run out or someone sees a few postings about how they already use these passwords, your thread is pretty much dead. Instead your going to sign up to as...
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