Ford's marketing analysis

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The team project will consist of an analysis of a Fortune 500 company by a team of students. The instructor will assign students to teams and also choose the particular firm each team will analyze. The analysis will incorporate many of the class topics discussed and further guidelines will be made available throughout the first few weeks of the course.
Completion ofthe project will include the submission of a 7 page (minimum) to 10 page (maximum) report. Please use the following format: double-spaced, 1” margins, and 12 pt New Times Roman font. Page count excludes the title page, reference page, and appendices. (Following directions will impact your grade.)
The report on the assigned company will be accompanied by a 15-minute (maximum) oralpowerpoint presentation of the team’s major findings. The presentations will take place on the dates indicated in the syllabus and the order of presentation will be determined by the instructor. Participation is required. Failure of a team member to be present for the team presentation will result in that member receiving zero points for the presentation.
Grading for the team project willalso include a participation component. Each team member will confidentially evaluate the contributions of their other team members, and these evaluations will be used to scale grades for the report-portion of the assignment. Please note, free-riding will not be tolerated and can result in a failing grade for the team project.


Cheating is unethical andnot acceptable. Plagiarism is using information or original wording in a paper without giving credit to the source of that information or wording; it is not acceptable. Do not submit work under your name that you did not do yourself. You may not submit work for this class that you did for another class. If you are found to be cheating or plagiarizing, you will be subject to disciplinaryaction per UTEP catalog policy. Because scholastic dishonesty harms the individual, all students, and the integrity of the University, policies on scholastic dishonesty will be strictly enforced. Refer to for further information.
Team & Company Assignments - PAGE 1/2

(10:30 am class)

|Presenting Tuesday - April 28th|Presenting Thursday - April 30th |
|A: Ford Motor Company |D: Nissan Motor Company |
|Almuina, Jorge |Antoszewska, Justyna |
|| |
|Cardenas, Elizabeth |Castaneda, Jose |
| | |
|Enriquez, Adrian|Fernandez, Melissa |
| | |
|Harshberger, Richard |Holguin, Cynthia |
|| |
|McMahon, Brian |Mora, Karla |
| | |
|Pavia, Erik...