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  • Publicado : 26 de abril de 2011
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by Mary Shelley

Captain Walton and his men, rescue a man who is lying on the broken sledge in the centre of a large piece of ice during a sailing toward theNorth Pole. His name is Victor Frankenstein and begins to explain his unusual and terrifying story.
The story takes place in Europe during the 1800’s. Frankenstein is sent to the Universityof Ingolstadt, where he studies natural philosophy and chemistry. He becomes obsessed with the idea of create perfect being. When his experiments are successful, (he makes a person fromparts of dead bodies), rather than feeling proud, as we would expect, he is disgusted by the appearance of the “monster” he has created. The monster escapes, and Frankenstein believes heis free from his mistake.
The monster is like a baby it just was born but it has a force that he doesn’t know to control. He saves a drowning woman, and the only thing that he receivesis stones. To understand why everyone reject him, he look for his creator, and when he is about to find him, by mistake, the monster kills Frankenstein’s brother.
When finally they meet,Frankenstein doesn’t want to help the monster. This one, in revenge, kills the wife and the best friend of Frankenstein, who becomes crazy and won’t stop until to kill the monster.Personal opinion
What at first, I thought it would be a horror story, the book has supposed being a romantic story. I’ve liked how the monster shows human feelings like fear, tenderness,shyness, sadness, love, anger, hatred and even he distinguishes good from evil. I’ve surprised how the story can move to our time. The topics covered, cloning and responsibility of parentstowards their children, are some issues from nowadays. The book conveys the conclusion that there are things like “the creation”, in which the man can’t take part only God can give life.
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