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- Analyze the possibility of opening a new SUBWAY® restaurant in the west side of the city in order to reach a new target market.
- Do the financial evaluation of the franchise.


In 1965 a simple and unpretentious sandwich shop opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut, named "Pete's Super Submarines." Its objective? To assist a young man, Fred DeLuca,with his tuition at a nearby university. Dr. Peter Buck, a family friend, loaned DeLuca $1,000 to open the sandwich shop and franchise history took a new turn. It was the decision to franchise the "Subway® concept" in 1974 that propelled DeLuca and Dr. Buck on a remarkable journey that would shape the Subway sandwich chain into one of the most successful franchising models in the world.

In theyear 2006, the SUBWAY® chain entered its 41st year of operation.  It is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain with more than 26,000 restaurants in 83 countries, actually there are 9 restaurants in Colombia.  As a matter of fact, the SUBWAY® chain operates more units in the US, Canada and Australia than McDonald’s® does.  Countless awards and accolades have been bestowed upon Fred DeLuca andthe SUBWAY® chain over the past 40 years.  The SUBWAY® name and its products have even appeared in numerous television and motion picture productions.  Not bad for a seventeen-year-old kid from “the projects”!

Mission Statement
"To provide the tools and knowledge to allow entrepreneurs to successfully compete in the QSR industry worldwide by consistently offering value to consumers throughproviding great-tasting food that is good for them and made the way they like it."
Core Values and Philosophy
• We are committed to customer satisfaction through offering high quality food with exceptional service and good value.
• We take great pride in serving each other, our customers and our communities.
• We seek continuous improvement in all that we do.
• We value a senseof urgency and emphasize an innovative, entrepreneurial approach to business.
• We expect fairness and mutual respect in all our activities.
We know our success depends upon the initiative we take individually and our ability to work as a team


Subway’s strategy is based on the concept of franchising. Virtually all SUBWAY® restaurants are franchised. Onecompany-owned unit is operated as a testing facility by Doctor’s Associates Inc. (DAI) Research and Development department. The SUBWAY® chain does not select new countries to expand into. In a way, people choose them. Since all SUBWAY® restaurants are owned and operated by local business people, the chain seeks partnerships with folks who are already in the area. If an individual approaches thechain from a country where there are no SUBWAY® restaurants, the development team will work with that person to provide assistance in opening their first SUBWAY® restaurant.


This Franchising Contract represents a business arrangement in which franchisor: SUBWAY®, enters into a relationship with the franchisee: M&O. Franchisee decides to operatethe franchised restaurant under franchisor's trade name and usually with franchisor's guidance, in exchange for a fee.

SUBWAY® is an established brand leader in the sandwich category; it offers great food, simple run operations, excellent support for franchisees, including the control methods to help them run their business efficiently. This company is known for great tasting and healthysandwiches because as condition, every store bakes its own bread, and each sandwich is made to order in front of the customer. It offers a successful food service in all the restaurants which operates under its name. It is the franchisor part.

Franchise Grant
Following the conditions of the Franchise Agreement and based upon good faith performance by franchisor and franchisee, SUBWAY® grants to us...
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