Franz kafka

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Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka was born in Prague on 1889, grew up into a family of Jewish merchants. Franz Kafka was formed in a German cultural environment and a doctorate in law. Franz Kafka was formedin a German cultural environment and a doctorate in law. Soon he became interested in mysticism and the Jewish religion, which induced considerable influence over him and favored their attachment toZionism.
In the Prague school, in which he was the most prominent student, Kafka’s writing was characterized by a marked vocation synthesis of metaphysical, irony and lucidity. That world of dreams,which ironically describes a detailed realism, is already present in his first novel, Description of a Struggle.
In 1913, the publisher Rowohlt agreed to publish his first book, Meditations, bringingtogether excerpts from his diary, small fragments in prose of a spiritual malaise deeply penetrating and innovative style, at once lyrical, dramatic and melodious.
The outbreak of the First WorldWar and the failure of an engagement in which all her hopes had marked the beginning of a prolific creative period. Between 1913 and 1919, Franz” Kafka wrote The Trial, “Metamorphosis” and “TheJudgment” and published “The driver, who later incorporated his novel America, In the Penal Colony, and the volume of short stories A Country Doctor.
His project of immigrating to Palestine was canceled in1917 when he suffered the first symptoms of tuberculosis, which would be the cause of his death. Despite the disease, the hostility of his family to his literary vocation, of his five failed attemptsmarriage and his job as a bureaucrat in an insurance company in Prague, Franz Kafka was devoted to literature.
In 1920 he left his job, he entered a sanatorium and, shortly after, where he wrote Thecastle, unpublished until 1952. The last years of his life found in another woman, Dora Dymant, the great love he had always longed, and returned his hope briefly.
He died from tuberculosis in...
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