Freedom fighters

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Final Draft

Currently around the world, millions of “Freedom Fighters” are dieing to uphold their traditions and customs. In other places of the world, men and women practice their rituals in secret to avoid persecution of their beliefs. All these have one thing in common. These people go to great lengths to preserve something many of us ignore. This passion, this feeling, this outrageis culture (Noonan 2). For many of us, culture is another word highlighted in the textbooks of the classroom. We take for granted our customary way of life as something that we will always have protected or that which we will never lose. But, what if our freedoms were suddenly stripped and in their place were foreign polices that contradicted everything you would have ever known (Pontell 1)? Whatwould be your response to a new definition of a culture? Would you speak out, fight back? Would you let someone to suppress your beliefs and force you to worships ideals you most do not believe? The answer is no. The answer is absolutely not.
Culture has and always will be unique to all people. It will be shields for those who find themselves bombarded with ideals they do not believe (Erneta 3).Unfortunately, organizations and councils threaten these ways of life that they were set up to protect. One, in particular, is the United Nations. The original purpose of the United Nations was to maintain international peace and security; to develop friendly relations among nations; to cooperate in solving international economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian problems. Instead theirpolices are making cultures vulnerable to other cultures, governments, or even international businesses (UN 1).
The United Nations has developed eight Millennium Development Goals that they feel will bring about peace and freedom out of the hardship that is common through the world. The goals include achieve universal primary education, promote gender equality and empower women, and developa global partnership for development. While as take back as many of these goals may seem, because the United Nations plans to accomplish them by 2015, they “might” save lives but weaken culture. This is because what they are actually doing is suppressing the rights of not only the people of those nations and cultures they affect, but also for many culture to come. (UN 1).
One goal is toeliminate sex differences in education and in society. This seems unrealistic to happen within a few years because of the strong hatred for women’s rights, because a history of oppression by certain religious ideals and cultural. This is most recognized in countries such as Saudi Arabia where the government, influenced by the nation’s Islamic traditions, suppress women’s rights (Yates 2). The UnitedNations should have no role in the development in certain cultural affairs. This in turn only creates more hardship for the men and women trying to change their heritage on their own. When outside organizations push these governments to hurriedly change their values because global opposition, governments may in fact lash out on the outside involvement or on their own citizens (Hayes 1). Aninstance of this may come with the Vietnam War. A global organization separated these two nations in the hope that they would drop their hatred for each other. They gave South Vietnam the opportunity to live under a democratic society which the United States would be the best for them. But the North Vietnamese revolted against the South and anyone that supported the change. Cultures, if its people feela need for change, should be privileged to take care of their own issues (Yates 1). Take the Mexican revolution for example. The people of Mexico were tired of its Spanish rulers and there awful policies. Mexico had financial issues during the war and considered turning to
the United States. The United States wanted Mexican land in exchange for resources needed to combat the...
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