Freud theory

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Sigmund Freud
Dream Theory
He said that different desires and impulses are released in our dreams, because the unconscious repress these impulses when we are awake, when we sleep and dream theunconscious expresses these desires in a symbolic language.
In the dream Freud Categorizes 3 aspects of the mind:
Id: It´s based on primal impulses, pleasures, desires.
Ego: It´s part of theconscious, the rational, and the moral aspect of the mind.
Superego: It´s the regulator for the id, which is also responsible for make the primal impulse to rational impulses.
When you are awake, theimpulses and desires of the id are blocked by the superego, and this is the reason, why we can´t remember our dreams, because the superego is working, and it’s doing its job by protecting the conscious mindfrom the disturbing images and desires conjured by the unconscious.
Developmental Phases Theory
Freud said that there are 5 stages in the human development:
The Oral Stage: Birth to 18 MonthsThis is the stage, when the babies and children are focused on their mouths. A baby's first food is received through suckling, and the sucking instinct is usually strong, even in newborns.
The AnalStage: 18 Months to Three Years
The anal stage is when children develop much pleasure from the process to do their needs (toileting), and are quite focused on the process. This is the besttime for parents to teach their children to go to the bathroom and remove the diaper.
The Phallic Stage: 3 Years to 6 Years
In this stage Freud believed that children's desires were focused on their genitals. Hesaid that young boys develop unconscious sexual feelings for their mothers, confusing their relationships with their parents; also he said they are in competition with their fathers for the win theattention of their mothers.
Latency Stage: 6 Years to Onset of Puberty
Freud said that this was the less difficult stage, because children are more focused on school activities and this is the way...
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