Frida kahlo

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Mexican painter who made self-portrait mainly, in which used a fantasy and a style inspired by the popular art of their country. Daughter of the photographer GuillermoKahlo, Frida was born in Coyoacán, the south of City of Mexico. To the 16 years, when she was student in the Preparatory National School of this city, she was seriously wounded in a truck accident andbegan to paint during his recovery. Three years later she took to Diego Rivera some to him of his first pictures so that she saw them and this one animated it to continue painting. In 1929 they married.Influenced by the work of its husband, it adopted the use of shaped ample and simple zones of color in a deliberately ingenuous style. Like Rivera, wanted that its work was an affirmation of itsMexican identity and for that reason it frequently resorted to techniques and subjects extracted of folklore and the popular art of its country. More ahead, the inclusion of fantastic, clearlyintrospections elements, the free use of the pictorial space and the juxtaposition of incongruous objects heightened the impact of their work, which arrived to be related to the surrealist movement.
Theirpictures represent their personal experience fundamentally: the painful aspects of their life, which passed to a large extent postroad in a bed, are narrated through one statuary graphical. It express thedisintegration of its body and the terrible suffering that suffered in works like the broken column (1944), in which it appears with a orthopedic metal apparatus and the open body showing a columnbroken instead of the spine. Its pain before the impossibility to have children shapes in Hospital Henry Ford (1932), in who sees a baby and several objects, like a pelvic bone and a machine, scatteredaround a hospital bed where it lies while it undergoes an abortion. Other works are: A few piquetitos (1935), the two Fridas (1939) and hopelessly (1945).
It exposed in three occasions. It...
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