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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2011
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Prenatal genetic Testing Irene
Prenatal genetic testing is a type of screening process that focuses on the individual’s reproductive decision makingtoward bringing another life onto this earth that has parts of their genetic code. It is different than regular genetic testing where the individual is focused on their own management of a diseasethat they are 100% sure that they have at that given time.
Thesis - prenatal genetic testing is permissible because it prevents the birth of child being born with a disease that will result causingharm and decreases the population of unhealthy babies.
Arguments for thesis-
1. Prenatal testing help decrease financial harm say if the baby was born with a costly disease with strong burdensover all family members. The harm comes from traveling for best medical guidance and costly medical bills. The disease itself could cause harm for family members having to see young family membergrowing up in life with strong mental drawbacks and painful health conditions.
2. I am going give Example of the main birth effects that will take away opportunity for a healthy life. How unhealthyis enough to need to abort? I need to research how bad the disease themselves are to make testing preferred in order to find out if aborting needs to be considered, in the first place.
3. Itallows parents to give birth to the healthiest babies that they are able to conceive. Through technology we can now evaluate the benefits of life against the burden of diseases.
Objections- 1)prenatal genetic testing needs to be illegal because it causes psychological harm. This type of testing gives results for disease that are for the most part untreatable. Why do I need to know about a diseaseif there is absolutely nothing that I can do about it before the birth of my child? I need to follow through with t birth if I don’t believe in abortions and deal with the obstacles after the...
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