Frost y williams

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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2011
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Frost and Williams poems

“Frost is inescapably traditional poet, Williams experiments with poetry and language” with close reference to both poets’ use of language and poetic techniques, how fardo you find this statement to be true?

Frost and Williams present different styles of poetry, Frost believed that form and structure of traditional poetry were very important whereas Williamsbelieved that poetry should be for everyone and poets should write things as truly as possible.
Frost believed that traditional poetry was very important, he said “writing free verse is like playingtennis with the net down” he used simple vocabulary and wrote about nature.
Mending wall is an extended metaphor which talks about how difficult is to repair a wall if nature and other conditions arepresent. “The work of hunters is another thing I have come after them and made repair”. This symbolizes the traditional poetry, the hunters are trying to break the wall (the rules) and the narrator istrying to rebuild it, there are many interpretations of this poem; the wall represents barriers between people, also rules and laws but also it can be represented as traditional and modern poetry.There’s also rhythm. “And on a day/ we meet to walk the line/ and set the wall/ between us once again.” We can see there is an iambic rhythm which creates the effect of the placing of the wall being built.After apple picking is another extended metaphor about a man who is going to die and regrets the things he hasn’t done in life “towards heaven still and there’s a barrel that I didn’t fill, beside itand there may be two or three”. These verses are a metaphor of the opportunities he had in life but are now lost. There is a rhyme in still and fill; “towards heaven still” might represent that it isnear god. “But I am done with after apple picking now” this statement is effective because he’s telling that he has finished, he’s done. The structure of the last stanza shows how he’s tired of...
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