Frozen calamars

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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2012
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Noms: Lluís Freixes, Laura Granell, Marta López, Anna Meléndez, Viki Tuneu, David Delgado, Dani Siches. |

Frozen Calamars

This is the storyabout eight teenagers that became famous. They are called Javi Trias, Lluís Freixes, Laura Granell, Marta López, Anna Meléndez, Viki Tuneu and Dani Siches . It starts in London twoyears ago.
Two boys called LLuis And Javi were best friends in school. They had the same dream: To be famous music stars. But this dream was very difficult to come true. Theydecided that if they want to do a band, they needed more people.
One day, they were walking and they saw a girl in the street playing the tambourine. They talked with her. Hername was Laura and she joined the band. When Lluis saw her, he fell in love with her.
One day LLuis, Javi and Laura went to a music club to find two girls to be the singers. Thegirls were singing Augustus Club and their voices surprised the boys. They joined the band. Their names were Viki and Anna
The next day they did a rehearsal but they need a boy and agirl to do the chorus. They went to the church to found them. They found what they want but they didn’t sing very well. They joined the band because there is no one other thatwanted to join the band.
They practice during a lot of time and then a month ago they did their first gig. It was a success. They did a lot of gigs for the next 5 months. Now they are afamous blues band and they have a record and they are going to do a tour.
Their best song is Frozen Calamars, the lyrics are here:

We are…… frozen calamars
We used tolive…… in the sea
But now……. we live in the fridge

We are…………… frozen calamars
We used to see……….. lots of fish
But now we only see….. vegetables
(Frozen vegetables) and a steak