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1. I am an orange root vegetable that is good for your eyesight. What am I?
2. I am great in tacos, on hamburgers, or in pasta sauce, but sometimes I can make you cry.
3. I am juicy and yellow onthe inside. I am a tropical fruit. I was given my name because I looked like a pinecone.
4. I am green on the outside, red on the inside, and sometimes have lots of black seeds. What am I?
5. I growin bunches on vines. When I am dried I become a raisin. What am I?
6. I am an orange potato that grows in the south. I am an excellent source of vitamin A.
7. I am delicious baked. I have lots of “eyes ” . My name rhymes with tomato. What am I?
8. I am red with a single large seed in the middle. I grow on trees. I am the last thing on top of a banana split. What am I?


I am round and red. My meat is also red. Some people think I am a vegetable but I am really a fruit. Peoplelike to use me in a salad. (tomatoes)

I am white. You can drink me. I am in the dairy group. (milk)

I am bad for you. I am at the top of the pyramid. I have a lot of fat. I am cold. I have a lot ofchocolate chips. (ice cream/cookies)

I can sometimes be light brown or white. I have yellow stuff inside me. I am a protein. (eggs)

I am green or red. I am spicy and hot. I am in the vegetablegroup. (peppers)

I am yellow and long. I am a fruit. Monkeys eat me. (banana)

I am green and when you cut me open I am red. You eat me in the summer
time. I am a fruit. (watermelon)

I am inthe grain group. I am long and stringy. You can put sauce on me. ()

I am green. I look like a tree. I am a vegetable. ()

I am very soft. I can be sweet. I am cold. I am in the dairy group. ()I have a lot of fat. I'm round you shouldn't eat a lot of me. I have a lot chocolate chips. ()

I am made of flour. You can make sandwiches with me. I am a grain. ()

I am some people's...
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