Fsa - ejemplos riesgos e indicadores

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Senior Management Commitment, Strategy & Progress
• Lack of senior management awareness of TCF.
• Lack of senior managementunderstanding.
• No assessment of how the firm meets TCF obligations.
• Not making progress with TCF.
• No indication of senior management discussion.
• No TCF strategy or reflection of TCF in customerstrategy.
• No analysis of how well the firm has met TCF.
• No plan to address TCF.
• No TCF KPIs or reporting TCF to senior management.
• What is the firm's interpretation of TCF?
• How has the TCFprinciple been included in business strategy?
• How have the firms TCF obligations been communicated across the business?
• How is TCF performance measured and reported?
• What gaps are thereagainst the TCF principle and how are these being filled?
• What are the key milestones in the TCF plan?
• What changes have been made because of TCF?
Product Design & Governance
• Products are targetedand marketed to customer groups they are not suitable for.
• Customers do not understand the products being targeted at them.
• People marketing and selling the product do not understand it.
• Thefirm does not fully understand or monitor the risks to customers of products.
• The firm cannot support a product after it is launched.
• No definition of target market.
• Actual sales volume verydifferent to predicted sales volume.
• High proportion of sales to customers outside target market.
• High volume of complaints.
• Poor persistency.
• High proportion of claims turned down orreduced.
• High volume technical queries from marketing / sales people.
• Large number re-writes required of literature.
• Very short product development lead time.
• Lessons from complaints not fedback into product design.
• How does the firm screen new products to determine if they should be launched?
• How are sales tracked to make sure products are sold to the customers they were...