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Es la tienda mas grande de electronicos en Canada. Actualmente opera 139 tiendas a lo largo del país.

Future Shop was purchased for C$480 million by Best Buy on November 4, 2001. The company wasrenamed Best Buy Canada Ltd.—a wholly owned subsidiary of its American parent. They have continued to operate Future Shop as a separate division, with most locations under their original name. FutureShop continues to grow and open new stores across Canada. In December 2008, Future Shop opened its new flagship store in Edmonton at South Edmonton Common, which is currently the largest in Canada.Future Shop was founded in 1982 by Iranian entrepreneur Hassan Khosrowshahi, who left Iran to settle in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to start a retail business.[2] Khosrowshahi graduated from theUniversity of Tehran with a degree in law and economics and was a part of the family that owned the Minoo Industrial Group, a large Iran manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food products.Khosrowshahi planned to open a chain of consumer and home electronics stores and take over the Canadian retail market. His associate, Mohammad Ziabakhsh, took the role of president and CEO of thenewly formed company and Khosrowshahi himself served as chairman and founder. In 1983, Future Shop opened the first three stores, all of which were in British Columbia. The company sold computers,software, games, videocassettes, audio equipment, music, and other items. By December 1983, the first month all of the Future Shop stores were opened and making business, the company reached $2.8 million insales.
In 1997, Future Shop announced a change in management, with Ziabakhsh leaving the company. Khosrowshahi took on the roles of president and CEO in addition to serving as chairman. Many peoplefrom company headquarters were let go during this transitionary period.
At the end of March, Future Shop's Canadian division had produced record-setting sales and earnings for the company; however,...
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