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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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What Scriptures Influence a Christian’s View of Involvement in Political Issues?

Why True Christians shouldn’t get involved in politics?
Read 1 John 5:19 John said the wholeworld was under Satan’s power.
Jesus also referred to Satan having power over the world.
Read John 14:30. Jesus said that Satan was the ruler of the world.
Since Satan is the ruler of theworld, he controls all the political systems.

How did Jesus viewed politics?

Many people were desperate for a ruler who could solve their economic and political problems.Impressed by Jesus’ abilities, the people wanted Jesus to join the political process. What was his reaction?

Read John 6:15: Jesus refused to become involved in politics even thoughhe was more then qualify to be great king. He was more concerned about the kingdom and doing Jehovah’s will.

Jesus said Read John 17:16 that he and his disciples were also not partof this world. He also said at John 18:36 that are kingdom was not part of this world. If his kingdom was part of this world, he might of become more involved in politics and encouraged hisdisciples to do so too.

If True Christians today were to take part in politics, they would be contradicting Jesus. They should remain natural like Jesus.

As we can see one ofthe main reasons True Christians don’t get involved in politics today because Satan rules the world. Since he rules the world, he and his Wicked spirit forces control all the politicalsystems.

We as humans no matter of honest, educated, and sincere we are can do anything to change that or solve all of mankind’s problems until Jehovah’s Day.

Instead of gettinginvolved in politics, true Christians should follow Jesus’ example by having our main focus be on god’s kingdom, remaining neutral, and by participating in the disciple making work.
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