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After complaining that she must choose only one, Lucy writes that she has accepted the proposal of the suitor that she loves in return, Arthur Holmwood.
The diary entry belongs to Dr. Seward. He writes that in order to take his mind off of Lucy's rejection, he will study an interesting patient. He chooses R.M. Renfield, a lunatic with "quaint" ideas.
The next letter is from the American,Quincey Morris, to Arthur Holmwood. He reminisces about the adventures they have had together and invites him to join him and their third friend, Seward, to congratulate him on winning "the noblest heart that God has made."
The telegram is from Holmwood to Morris, saying he has some interesting stories to tell.
Chapter 6
The chapter ends with more of Mina's journal. She is now very worried aboutJonathan. The only letter she has received from him, the one written under duress, "does not read like him, and yet it is his writing." Also, she is concerned for Lucy, who has been walking in her sleep. Mina supposes that Lucy is nervous about the upcoming visit of Holmwood, who will visit when his father, Lord Godalming, gets over his current sickness.
In the midst of her worries, Mr. Swalesapproaches her in the churchyard to apologize for being so negative. He feels his death in the air, saying life is just the brief time when one waits for the eternal death. Then, after commenting on the upcoming storm, he looks through his telescope and sees a strange ship in the distance.
Chapter 7
This chapter begins with a newspaper clipping pasted in Mina Murray's journal. It describes the eventssurrounding a sudden and violent storm in Whitby. In the midst of this mighty tempest, a foreign schooner comes crashing through the harbor and, to the surprise of the danger-seeking onlookers gathered on the shore, lands hard but safely on shore. The sole living occupant, a great dog, leap simmediately from the ship and runs away. The only other passenger is a dead man tied to the helm.
Many plot lines advance in this chapter. It begins with Mina Murray's journal. Lucy seems well and Mina misses Jonathan. Then, on the night of August 11, Mina wakes to find that Lucy is missing from her bed. She finds her sleepwalking friend across the valley at the churchyard, and not alone. "there, on our favorite seat, the silver light of the moon struck a half-reclining figure, snowy whitesomething dark stood behind the seat where the white figure shone, and bent over it. What it was, whether man or beast, I could not tell."
Chapter 9
Seward writes again to Holmwood. Van Helsing has come and taken complete control of the situation. He declares that the situation is "life and death, perhaps more," but, for reasons of logic and psychology, will tell the young doctor nothing else.Van Helsing, taken with the girl and loyal to his colleague, goes back to Amsterdam to study the situation further, with the instructions that Seward should write him a daily telegram.
Chapter 10
The next document, Seward's diary, tells of a conversation with Van Helsing in which they discuss the fact that they are not telling Holmwood the whole truth, for his own sake. Meanwhile, Van Helsingexplains to Seward that he is not even telling him the whole truth, thinking it better that Seward come to the same conclusions by his own method.
Chapter 11
Dr. Seward writes that he and Professor Van Helsing arrived at Hillingham on the morning of the thirteenth. Mrs. Westenra, who has been kept in the dark about the treatment/prevention in order to protect her weak heart, tells them that shetook the garlic out of Lucy's room and opened the window during the night to air it out. When she leaves them, the usually-strong Van Helsing actually begins to sob, frustrated at their continual bad luck in a game of such important stakes. He pulls himself together, saying they will continue their fight. This time, Van Helsing provides the needed blood for the transfusion.
Chapter 12
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