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1).-From India to England (1869-1892)
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was one of the famous men in the world, he was born in India and he wanted to free India from the British. He wrote many books about his life that people still read. Gandhi said that people can change the world without violence. Also, he worked to help poor people that why he became a leader. However, he startedto work at the age of seven. In that age he did not understand why some people have to be separated from the others. Later, he was married at the age of thirteen but Gandhi did not accept it and he started to stop them. His wife was Kastur and he had four sons. Then his father died and the family had less money. Anyway, his dream was study law in London and he did it but with a promise: not touchthe meat, wine or women. He started to read books about vegetarians and religion, and then he finished his career. Early, his mother died. Moreover, he couldn’t work as a lawyer in the court of India but he opened his own office. Then, he had a painful experience with a British officer, so he realized how the British court was. Afterwards, he went to South Africa to work as a lawyer and he wouldbe able to pay Laxmidas the money of his studies.
2).-South Africa (1893-1894)
Gandhi arrived in South Africa where the British had large farms. Later on, Abdullah Sheth met Gandhi and he took him to the Durban court. But the judge told Gandhi to take off his turban and he refused and left the court. Mohandas continued to wear the turban and later Abdullah understand Gandhi and told him the hardlife of the Indians in S.Africa. After a week, he went to Petronia by train, but a white man moved Gandhi out of the train because he was India and not white. This suggested Gandhi about what should he do, should back to India or stop the injustice? .He decided to fight against the racism. Mohandas did painful experiences and he did the right things that a real lawyer should do. Afterwards he wasready to go back to India but he stayed in South Africa because he had to work about a new law. He had become a leader and the Natal Indian Congress was born.
3).-Experiences of violence (1895-1898)
A man came to Gandhi’s office to tell him that he had been beaten by his employer. Then many farms workers came to Gandhi and his work reached India. Moreover he went to India to visit his family buthe had a lot of meetings and he didn’t spend all his time with them. Anyway, he returned to South Africa with his wife and his sons. Later on, white men hit him and Gandhi refused to take the men to court for their violence, and this made the white people feel ashamed. In addition, the British and the Afrikaners hated each other and Gandhi decided to help the British. Also, he met together agroup of Indians to work as the Ambulance Corps to help care for soldiers during the war. Afterwards he went to India with his family, and there he had a meeting to help some Untouchables with the dirty jobs. Then, he went around India to see the difficulties that poor people have but he had to return to S. Africa.
4).-Wars and books (1899-1910)
Gandhi started to write a newspaper called IndianOpinion. This was the beginning of his newspaper writing. At the time, Gandhi began to read “Gita” and he learned about money, then he wanted to help people with his money. Moreover he became friends with Henry Polak and he gave Gandhi a book called “Unto This Last”. That book changed his life because he became to live in a simple way. Later, African Zulus in the British province of Natal began tofight. Gandhi experienced the horror of war and wrote the cruelty of the British soldiers. Mohandas and his family moved to a farm after the war. Afterwards a new law against the Indians was established and Gandhi discussed this with the people. Then they followed Gandhi. The British government said that the new laws would not be accepted but then the government accepted the laws. So Gandhi said...
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