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To begin, there is nothing good about cliques; they are harmful in many ways. First of all, cliques are harmful to students and to schools. Cliques not only are disrespectfulto students but to everyone. Cliques have caused much trouble around schools. Cliques have been in schools for many years and not doing a very good job.
Furthermore, cliques have done damage tostudents all around schools and have been giving problems all around. In fact, the other day I was watching the news and two students committed suicide because of some other students that werebulling them. Those students are part of cliques because they didn’t do it by themselves the did it with some other students. Because of cliques, students don’t feel safe by their surroundings. Some cliquestake weapons to schools which what so ever is not right. In addition, some of the students commit suicide because of the cliques and them harassing other students. Bulling makes students feel unsafein schools and guide them to do things like try to commit suicide or leave their homes just because they feel unsafe.
In the same way, cliques are disrespectful. Almost 95% of bulling inschools is from cliques. Also, the disrespect of cliques over the students is judge in amount. The cliques are disrespectful to teacher when not needed to be disrespectful. Meanwhile the cliques are inclass they are being rude to the teachers, to the students and everyone in it, they don’t behave, not at all. Cliques do not behave because they think they are cool and want to be the center of attention.For this reasons, I think cliques are no good neither for schools or even students. Eventually, they are bad influence for schools and students. Bulling is never right because, as it can beseen, students have been committing suicide because of cliques who bully them around and make them feel unsafe and uncomfortable around schools. As a result of cliques being disrespectful to teachers...
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