Gaston short story

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Sometimes I find hard having a close relationship with my father, I believe that in most of the families in the world it’s hard to be close to your father, maybe because heisn’t very much around (for what ever reason), or maybe you just have grow apart.
In the short story named Gaston written by William Saroyan presents a, in my opinion a beautiful story about a littlegirl and her father, spending the weekend together, getting to now each other and realizing how different they are.
Thesis Statement (presents purpose of essay)

For this essay what I would like tolook in to is how the father and the
1. Characterizations of the father and the daughter
2. The father’s apparent beliefs and values
3. And the daughter’s habits and attitudes
Topic Sentenceof Main Idea 1

A. This short story “Gaston” gives names only to the bug, the father and the daughter may have no mane, but they do have a brief description.
B. About the father, the short storystarts by telling you a description about the father, how they look and also how they are dress.
C. “He had the biggest mustache he has ever seen… it was a lot of red and brown hair under his noseand around the ends of his mouth …”(line 6) “ he wore a blue an-withe striped jersey… he wore a blue slacks, but no shoes and socks. He was barefoot and so was she, of course” (line 8). The story alsotells how old he is “He was very old… thirty-six, he had told her… and she was just six” (line 13-14)
Topic Sentence of Main Idea 2

A. The father and the daughter are very different in the waythey act and in the way they think.
B. I think that if we take a deeper look at what the father is like we can realize how different they are, from this story the father is a very calm person, very “gowith the flow” and liberal. The way he treats her daughter is distant yet worm and lets her think and act the way she likes.
C. For example the ”natural instinct” is to “squash him” but he...
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