Short story plot

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Elsamarie Vargas Vázquez
ID# 801-05-8752

Comparison of The conflict in “Appointment in Samara” and “Thank You Ma’m”

“Appointment in Samara” and “Thank you Ma’m” are two short stories with verydifferent plot. The first story, written by __________ ,is about a servant that travels to Samarra to escape from Death while the second short story, written by ________, is about a boy that tries tostole the pocket of a women.
Both short stories have unlike characters, settings, and crisis, but the question is: In spite of the differences, can the conflict be similar in both stories? The conflictof a story is the struggle between opposing forces. There are two types of conflicts: external and internal An external conflict is a struggle with a force outside one's self and the internalconflict is a struggle within one's self like for example a decision. The conflicts can be: Character vs. Character, Character vs. emotions and character vs. circumstances character vs., destiny, amongothers.” Appointment in samara” and “Thank You Ma’m” could have similar conflicts because there always will be a struggle of the characters involving others characters, emotions and circumstancesaffecting them that are going to be explained in with more detail in this paper. This essay is focused on the conflicts of Character vs. character, character vs. emotions and character vs. circumstances.

ACharacter vs. Character is when there is a conflict of two persons or characters in the story. In Appointment in samara the character vs. Character conflict arises because of the struggle betweenDeath and the servant, how the story doesn’t give us a clear ending, we can imagine Death fighting physically with the servant in some point of the story. In the other hand, in “Thank you M’am” thecharacter vs. character conflict involves Ms. Jones and Roger because the boy wanted to stole the pocket of Ms. Jones, this conflict provokes a physical struggle between the women and the boy.

Both of...
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