Short story

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  • Publicado : 14 de diciembre de 2010
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STOP!there were two trees both of them have super powers one tree was blue the power of the blue tree is that you can be faster with your feet's and the second and the second tree is red with thattree you will be faster with your hands and arms.On day two rocks they were twins. The two rocks were playing in the forest far far but far away of there home one of the rocks saw the blue tree and itcall the attention of the rock and the rock pick a fruit of the blue tree the rock didn't say nothing to his brother rockly but then rocky star to be out of control! Rockly was scared the he goes tofind help but when was going to find help he Tropez with a beautiful and bright tree red and he picks a fruit from that tree and he started going out of control to1 he discover that he was decontrolwith his hands and start to think and he remember that rocky his brother was out of control with his feet's.! Rocky and rockly couldnt control their bodys. Rocky was runing like if he was a crazy rockhe couldnt STOP! And rocly couldnt STOP! Hitting all the trees that were In his way.The to brother rocks couldn't control their super powers they didn't now what to do!.Four hour later they werestill like crazy then they were controlling their super powers. The only way to control their super powers is relaxing themselves and when they could control their powers the return to their house andwith their super powers they were surprised because they thought that that things only happens in movies.They thought that having super powers will be cool and great but when they start to have morediscussions and discussions and more discussion. Those discussions separate them more, the principal discussion was that they think that one was stronger and powerful than other.Rocky was so mad that hewanted battle with his brother rockly and both agree but they need more rocks (friend) in their team so each one called there there best friends and give them some of their poewers and their...
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