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Foods to Avoid for Gastritis
The key to stay away from further complications like stomach cancer, that can arise due to gastritis, is the knowledge of the food to avoid for gastritis. One muststrictly stay away from spicy food items and foods that are bad for digestive health. Consuming high fiber diet is always necessary for healthy intestinal functioning. Specially designed gastritis dietplan will always prove more than helpful for people suffering from gastritis. Along with the personalized diet plan one must consider the following instructions while planning for the foods to avoid forgastritis.
* Deep fried foods, fast foods, fatty foods, pickles, peppers, spicy and salty foods are the foods to avoid for gastritis.
* Avoid vinegar and things made by using vinegar,caffeine, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, citric acid drinks and mustard.
* Follow your health care provider's advice while taking ibuprofen and aspirin.
* Foods rich in flavonoids such as apples,cranberries, garlic, onions and celery must be avoided as they help in the growth of Helicobacter pylori, which are gastritis causing bacteria.
* Avoid high fat and high cholesterol foods as they arepretty hard on the digestive system and can certainly increase gastritis.
* Some foods like cabbage, cooked dried beans, milk, broccoli can affect negatively since they increase the acidsecretion in the body. Foods that show such effects must be avoided for gastritis. One must check for a particular pattern of foods that need to be avoided for gastritis.

Gastritis: Foods to Avoid forGastritis
Here is a simple chart that can give you an exact idea about what are the foods to avoid for gastritis.
Food Group | Foods to Avoid |
Vegetables | * Raw onion * Cabbage * Broccoli |Fruits | * Unripe Fruits * Nuts * Lemon * Lemonade * Orange * Cranberries * Grapefruit * Tomato |
Meat | * Ground beef * Beef chuck * Chicken nuggets * Buffalo wings |...
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