Gay adoption

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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2010
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Final Project: Gay Adoption

Gay adoption is still not accepted, and it is even widely condemned in México. Adoption is a way for couples who are unable to procreate to have children, and it is also a way to give children that don’t have parents a home and a family. Gay couples are unable to have children. But what happens when a gay couple (that is not married just because it is not yetpermitted by the law) wants to be parents of an orphan? Should they be denied the chance to parenthood just because of their sexual preferences? Should a kid, who would otherwise probably grow up in a foster-care home, be denied the opportunity to grow up in a real, loving family? Isn’t allowing gay couples to adopt going to bring the most happiness to all parties involved?

Prejudice againsthomosexuals is very common in Mexico nowadays but it is a violation to the Human Rights: it is discrimination. Even though, according to a research conducted by De la Riva Group, eleven percent of the Mexican population is gay or lesbian (Batres, 1-8), some seem unable to accept the idea of people loving romantically those of their same sex, so they find it simply unacceptable and outrageous that ahomosexual couple should be given permission to have a kid as if they were a heterosexual couple. This is why adoption by gay couples is not allowed in Mexico yet (Peralta, 1). The reality is that there are not any real differences between a straight and a gay couple. They are two people bounded together by the love they share for each other. When a couple makes a decision to form a family, it is, inessence, the same for both hetero and homosexual couples. But if there’s a heterosexual couple that cannot have children because of infertility, they chose to adopt. Gay couples should be able to do the same. They are two people who, like the heterosexual couple, really want a baby but cannot have one on their own, so they decide to give an orphan baby a chance to have a family. An injustice occurswhen a gay couple is denied something they should be entitled to have, just because of the existent discrimination against people of their sexual preferences.

If this seems to be the easiest, most logical solution to this issue, then we have to wonder why is it not allowed and even encouraged. The main reason is that we live in an homophobic society, where people tend to believe that, in givinga child to a gay parent or couple, he or she will suffer, have a miserable life and probably become gay him or herself. This is, of course, a myth. The sexuality of the parents is not the determinant in the child’s quality of life. The love he or she may get during their lives is more likely to play a bigger role in the quality of this, and the quantity of love is definitely going to be greaterin a home (even with homosexual parents) than in a foster-care home.

There is no study that proves that children raised by lesbigay parents have more probability of becoming gay or lesbian. It just has been said that they have less marked the stereotypical roles of the female and the man. However, if the child did turned out to be gay or lesbian, he or she would have better acceptance by theirparents if they are gay or lesbian themselves. This would certainly reduce the quantity of depressed/suicidal teenagers that find themselves in this state because they cannot come out to their parents. But it has not been proven that sexual orientation of their parents has anything to do with their own. In the remote case that there were a larger percentage of children with homosexual parents thatturned out gay, this would only represent a problem if we regard homosexuality as a problem itself. But, in general, parents’ sexuality does not necessarily mirror children’s. If that were so, there would not be homosexual people who had heterosexual parents, but there are.

People who still are reluctant to the whole idea of homosexual couples adopting, also lean their position on the idea...
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