Gestión hotelera innovadora

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  • Publicado : 17 de diciembre de 2011
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|Hotel Détendu |
|“Vacances entre la famille!” |
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|An innovative business idea for a Hotelin France. |
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Table of contents

2. Executive Summary 3
1. Mission Statement3
2. Customers Satisfaction 3
3. Know your Market 4
4. Key to Success 4
3. Supply of Services 5
1. Service description in detail 5
2. Customer’s benefit and value 6
3. Innovation and differentiation to competitors (USP’s) 7
4. Management Team 8
1. Team members 8
2. Hierarchy 12
3. Team structure 14
5. Market Analysis 15
1. Environmental analysis 15
2.Industry analysis 17
3. Competitor analysis 18
4. Target group 20
6. Marketing 22
1. Marketing strategy and goals 22
7. Business system 23
1. Organization 23
2. Core competences 24
3. Location 26
4. Alliances / MakeorBuy 27
8. Finance 28
1. Risks & Chances 28
2. SWOT Analysis 30
3. Financing 30
1, Scamper helps us to develop a new, creative strategy fora hotel.
S Substitute: courtesy to a more personal communication form
C Combine: a respectively big hotel with a family atmosphere
A Adapt: we adapt the relationship between employer and employees
M Modify: modified experience of a stay in the big, exclusive hotel
P Put to other uses: change application area of employees
E Eliminate: courtesy
R Rearrange / Reverse: rearrange therelationship between customer and guests

2. Executive Summary
2.1 Mission Statement:
Nowadays, it is getting more and more important to set the concept of a business apart from the competitors. That it exactly what our hotel will achieve successfully. With the idea of creating a family atmosphere in a respectively big and exclusive hotel and make clients and staff feel comfortable, the business withadapt in the market quickly and fruitfully.
Especially in France, courtesy is a highly written word. No one would use the informal way in communications while check-in. But exactly this fact creates always a quite big distance between customer and staff from the beginning on.
Hotel Détendu separates itself from other hotels as it offers high-class service in a casual atmosphere.
The aim is tobond the guests in an emotional way and friendships among guests and staff should become a common pattern. To realize this concept, the employees, for example, will get reductions in the hotel bar in order to make it more interesting for them to stay for a drink after work. Therefore, the employees will get a better connection to the customers – also in a personal approach.

“We – Hotel Détendu’semployees and customers together create a family atmosphere. We will remain loyal to our concept while always ensuring maximum quality and services.”

2.2 Customer Satisfaction
We will develop an emotional bond between customers, the staff and the hotel.
Through the family atmosphere, the emotional benefit but also through the new, exclusive hardware of Hotel Détendu, it will get easier togain fully customer satisfaction. Over years, the hotel will develop to a place where friends and families meet for spending holidays together. The most important element for our target group is to feel comfortable and well-understood in the resort. As our guests have usually a stressful everyday life, it is especially important to offer them as much relaxing, comfort and friendliness as possible....