Glossary english ii

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Unit 2
Identity Theft
1. Confirm: Confirmar
Sentence: I going to confirm the travel, because in this moment I have the money.

2. Charges: Cargos
Sentence: He has charges by abortion whit his couple.

3. Departament store: Tienda por departamentos
Sentence: In the department store, you find all you need.

4. Purchases: Compras
Sentences: Thepurchases in my house is higher than my salary

5. Authorized: Autorizar
Sentence: I am authorizer for my father for go to the party.

6. File a complaint: Poner una queja
Sentence: I went to file a complaint to my mother, because my sister is aggressive with me.

7. Exposed: Expuesto algún daño
Sentence: The woman in the street is exposed to be assaulted.

8.Paranoid: Paranoico
Sentence: The nervous in someone, can produce in this person.

9. Proof of identification: Prueba de identificación/ cuenta en el banco
Sentence: When one person born, is obligation to do the proof of identification.

10. Deal with: hacer frente a/ lidiar con
Sentence: In all my life I was deal with my studies.

11. Bill: Cuenta/ factura
Sentence: In thehome, I do bills for my family, of this way I do a happy family.

12. Credit card: Tarjeta de crédito
Sentence: When I go to shopping, I use the credicard for do buys.

13. Identity theft: Robo de identidad
Sentence: When I went to the mall in a store, I was victim of identity theft.

14. Mailbox: Buzón de correo electronic
Sentence: In my mailbox I have all homework of theuniversity.

15. Protect: Proteger
Sentence: I protect the people that are with me and my family.

16. Receipt: Recibido, recibir
Sentence: In Christmas, I receipt a lot gifts.

17. Shocking: Escandaloso
Sentence: When a person is disagreeing in something, he/she, do a shocking.

18. Shred: Ni una solo prueba
Sentence: The guilty lose the debate, because were shred.19. Steal: Robo
Sentence: The steal was terrible

20. Victim: Victima
Sentence: I was the victim of a joke

21. Ripped me off!: ¡Alguien me ha estafado!
Sentence: When I saw my savings account, I said: Ripped me off!

22. Cleaned out: Limpiar/ dejar sin plata la cuenta/ robar todo
Sentence: Someone cleaned out my credic card

23. Caught on: Resolver algúnproblema
Sentence: I went to the court and caught on my problem

24. Track him down: Seguir tras él/ Encontrarlo
Sentence: The police track him down, and arrested him

25. Watch out for: Estar atento/ ser cuidadoso
Sentence: Everybody, have to watch out for in the city, because is very dangerous.

Unit 5
Traditions: tradiciones
The countries have different traditions,depending of their customs.
Attraction: atracción
The major tourist attractions are the nature reserves and national parks.
Controversy: controversia
The tourist cause controversy in Costarican people when they throw garbache.
Degrading: degradante
The flora and fauna is degraded when the people pollute the environment.
Make a living: ganarse la vida
They make a living with the souvenirs thatthey sell.
Preserve: preserver
In our country we have a lot programs relate with preserve the nature for not destruct or pollute.
Wrapped: envuelto
The Christmas gifts are wrapped with specially paper.
Zoo: zoologico
In Costa Rica we have a particular zoo that is very interesting and different, the name is “Africa mia”, there are animals that come from Africa.
Souvenirs: recuerdos
Whentourists coming to Costa Rica they lead some souvenirs to remember our place.
Stretch: estiramiento
The neck of people can achieve a great stretch for the rings.
Get off the beaten path: obtener de los caminos trillados( explorer lugares desconocidos)
Tourist prefer get off the beaten path to know different places that they don’t know before.
Locals: locales
In Guanacaste there is a...
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