Gmat - análisis de un argumento

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  • Publicado : 20 de enero de 2011
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Esto es un ejemplo de un ensayo de un análisis de argumento para el GMAT.

The argument uses the states that a certain investment firm has to invest in a new manufacturer of solar-powered products(Solario) based on facts and premises that are not supporting thoroughly such inference.

First, the argument uses the premise that solar energy will become more cost-efficient and attractive thancoal or oil to support the investment in Solario. To begin with, this premise is not supported by any kind of statistical data.

Additionally, this premise is supported by the fact that the cost ofsolar convertors are going to drop and by the fact that new technologies are now being researched and developed. Both facts fail to support the premise because in the first case it is not writtenthat the cost of equipment is the most important cost (or relevant) for the assessment of cost-efficiency of such technologies. In the second case, the fact that new technologies are being researched anddeveloped does not mean that these new technologies are going to be effective in its goal to make solar energy industry be a more efficient one compared to energy derived from coal or oil. Moreover,oil and coal are not the only sources of energy; for instance, nuclear energy and wind energy are types of energy to which the cost-effectiveness of a new technology has to be compared to assure thewidespread usage of such technologies.

Second, Even if we accept the fact that the solar energy will become more cost-efficient, this premise does not provide support to the conclusion of theargument. The potential investee manufactures products that are solar-powered, what means that such products have the ability to convert solar rays into electricity. Thus, it does not matter if the powercoming from the plug was generated from coal, oil or solar rays; the solar powered products will took their energy from the sun. Perhaps a better enhancer for such firm would be the fact that the sun...