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  • Publicado : 19 de marzo de 2011
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A theoretical government is governments in which people are ruled by religious believe. And maybe the case that the head of a theoretical government could thehead of a specific religion, as in the case of Vatican City, these rulers are guided by specifically by their religious beliefs, or see themselves asemissaries of their god, who are meant to rule their people. There are several countries that still are ruled or labeled theocratic, like Iran: though they callthemselves as a religious democratic, it is an ecclesiast country.
There are a few advantages on following this type of government. One of them is that there is nodebate on religion since everyone follows the same god, also citizens are allowed certain amount of freedom because the government treat their citizens quitewell to keep the peace and justice between them. This last advantage, contributes to the next one. Citizens are much easier to control and a lot more peopleare loyal to their government, because they see their rulers as if they were connected with a god. Citizens believe that the ruler would take care of them.
Thetheoretical government has advantages but at the same time it has disadvantages like the following. Citizens are forced to lack of individuality; everyone mustbehave in the same way, in order to keep them in peace. Church and the state are not separated what so ever. Citizens that choose to practice other religiousbeliefs are often exiled. A lot of people are forced to believe something they don’t want to, therefore causing huge debates between citizens and government.
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