God's essay

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  • Publicado : 14 de septiembre de 2010
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Believe It or Not!
“So long as man remains free he strives for nothing so incessantly and so painfully as to find someone to worship”
“Maybe the atheist cannot find God for the same reason a thiefcannot find a policeman”. This actually means that if someone avoids or just do not wants to seek for something or someone, for sure, it will never find it. If you close your mind and you do not wantto listen new ideas and new opportunities, you will never have the chance to make a life change.
How could it be possible to not believe in God’s existence? When he had made so much for us… Everymorning that we wake up is a miracle, every touch of the sun in our skins, every breeze, every flower smell in the afternoon, and every single thing that surrounds us. He makes us believe in ourselveswhen no one does. For example, there is a story that talks about a guy who is just about to commit suicide when he realizes that life is worth fighting and suffering for: now that is a miracle that Godmakes for him.
We can compare God’s existence with art and sciences. For example, the Mona Lisa is a very famous work of art created by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is a very beautiful painting and whenyou look at her eyes, her face, her skin, her hands, anb every single brush in the painting is extraordinary, that is when you realized that its creator is a mastermind even though you do not know whoit is; well is the same looking at Earth, people, animals, and nature you realized that its creator is mastermind! Who else than God? Who else than Him to create an awesome, extraordinary, beautifuland a perfect place and home for each one of us.
God has many ways of demonstrating to us the only merciful, perfect and unconditional love there exists. For instance, the fact that he died for oursalvation and our spot in heaven. He gave his own son in sacrifice, all out of love, but these examples I have mentioned are not enough proves that God exists, there might never be a known fact, it is...
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