Grados de libertad (ingles)

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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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|Degrees of Freedom |
|It is important to appreciate the concept of "degrees offreedom". The number of "degrees of freedom" that a vibrating system |
|has will greatly affect how it vibrates. ||A simple definition of "degrees of freedom" is - the number of coordinates that it takes to uniquely specify the position of a |
|Consider a rigid block that is free to move in 3 dimensional space. As shown in the diagram it may move without rotation in each|
|ofthe three directions x, y and z. these are called the three degrees of translation. |
|The block may also rotate about each of the axes, these are calledthe three degrees of rotation. |
|Thus to uniquely define the position of the block in space we need to define six coordinates, three translation and three ||rotation. |
|It should be noted that each of the coordinates would be defined withrespect to some fixed reference. The origin of the x. y |
|and z axes would be a fixed position with respect to earth and the directions of the 3 axes would also be fixed. |
|It ispossible to reduce the number of degrees of freedom of such a rigid block by introducing constraints |
| |
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