Grammar exercise.

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1 Rita asked if I could give Paul a ride home.
Who needed a ride?

a) Paul did.
b) I did.
c) Rita did.
d) Paul and Rita did.
2 What he says is clear and obviouslywell-prpared, and this, among other things, has earned him the high regard of his colleagues.
How do his colleagues feel about him?

a) They don’t understand him.
b) They ignore him.
c) They are jealousof him.
d) They respect him.

3 Whereas Golden’s books bécame increasingly grim and gloomy as he
Grew older, Turin had never written a serious book or had desire to do so.
Did Turin ever write aserious book?

a) Yes, many of them
b) Yes, but only once.
c) No, and he never wanted to.
d) No, but he always wanted to.
4 Anybody who has the natural ability and education that Dave hasdoesn’t have to worry about getting a job.
Is Dave likely to get a job?

a) No, because he worries too much.
b) No, because he likes ability.
c) Yes, without a doubt.
d) Yes, if he goes to college.
5This grant will enable the University to employ anther assistant pro-
Fessor of Jewish history, rounding out its program of Jewish studies sufficiently to provide for a mejor in this field.
Beforethe grant there was no…

a) the possibility to major in Jewish studies.
b) demand i Jewish courses.
c) course in Jewish history.
d) profesor of Judish studies.
6 There have certainly been manybooks as hones as this one, but there have been probably only a few as sensitive.
This book is remarkable because of its…
a) Length
b) Originality
c) Honesty
d) Sensitivity


1 with red paint 11 she likes sugar but no cream
very much she likes cream but no sugar
my mother does she likes sugar

2 No, he doesn’t 12 for one week
No, she doesn’tin one week
No, they don’t a week ago

3 They must return it then 13 he forgot top ut the break on
They will get it then he didn’t turn the engine off
They returned it then he...
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