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“Grupo Modelo S.A. de C.V”

We went to Grupo Modelo, when we got there workers made us pass by a metal detector and they gave us visitors ID.

Then they took us a photo, afterthat we stared to going through the factory, our guide, and she told us that there were 5 ingredients to produce Modelo’s beer, and these were:

* Malt: Barley grain that hasthrough a grinding process which consists of germination, soaking and drying, that gave the characteristics of flavour and colour of the beer.
* Water: is one of the basic ingredientsin beer. Its quality is of vital importance since it constitutes between 90 and 96% of beer.
* Hops: a plant that is harvested in cold regions. Only the female flowers, whichcontain the substance of the characteristics bitter taste, are used in beer production.
* Yeast: is a one-call organism which through the fermentation process transforms the sugar ofthe wort into alcohol, carbon dioxide and other secondary products that give distinct characteristics to each type of beer.
* Adjuncts: cereals that provide qualities thatcomplement the malt and promote the brilliance and stabilization of beer are known as adjuncts, and they can be either corn flour or rice.

After that we continue along the factory,seeing how the beer was produced and in which steps are integrated each of the ingredients, we got to smell one of the ingredients which seemed honey but it was not.

Finally they tookus to the place where the beer is packaged in cans and glass bottles:

* First wash and review the packages
* Then they were put on the conveyor belt that will be filled
*Finally they are rinsed and put in boxes.
Beer that is produced by Grupo Modelo is one of the best, nationally and internationally, with strong support for the Mexican economy.
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