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  • Publicado : 19 de diciembre de 2010
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Odd habits of the world

In some Eastern countries when people do not understand or find it very shocking what you say tend to smile, causing some confusion with Western tourists.
• In Asiancountries it is customary to ask all sorts of things the stranger (work, money, love, etc.).
• In Vietnam is a status symbol to have a store, so full of shops that sold no more than a couple of items.
•In China, people used to blowing the nose (sometimes with nothing to clean), spitting, throwing gas and urgarse the nose without any miramentos and in front of anyone.
• In China, child under 3years does not wear diapers if not that pants with a slit in the back (I guess you know what for).
• In Morocco and Egypt in building a plant is often left unfinished, this is because the constructioncompanies only pay taxes once the building is complete.
• In Japan it is common to use salt in sweet fruits like pears and watermelons.
• In Jamaica, the dead are buried in the garden of the house andbecomes a party to fire him, he never mourns.
• In Argentina are in the habit of drinking mate so entrenched that it even figures in the most common causes of distraction while driving (that I readin the magazine Selections, edited and published in Argentina).
• The Japanese consider decent little show teeth when laughing. The custom goes back centuries.
 * The Bulgarians say "No" shaking hishead up and down and "Yes" from right to left.
* In some Eastern countries you can only clean up (after using the bathroom) with his left hand.
* In Japan, accounts Finger do the opposite. To haveone, hide a finger rather than extend it. Plus there are several differences described in "Body Language".
* For the Japanese to make noise while eating is frowned upon, in fact make an incrediblenoise, and can be considered a sign of education as it indicates that you are enjoying the food.
More than customs here's some trivia:
1. Women blink nearly twice that of men.
2. In ancient Egypt,...
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