Happy valentine´s day

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  • Publicado : 17 de marzo de 2011
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Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day in Rome in the third century, a time when Christianity was persecuted. In this period also prohibited marriage between the soldiers and it was believed thatsingle men performed better on the battlefield than married men because they were not emotionally attached to their families.
It is in these circumstances when there is the figure of St. Valentine,a Christian priest at such injustice decides to marry couples under the Christian ritual of the Roman eyes hidden.
Valentine takes to protect secret lovers and wedding hosting great prestigethroughout the city and is called by the Emperor Claudius II to meet. The priest takes the visit for propaganda of the Christian religion and convince the emperor to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.Although at first Claudius II was attracted to the religion that the Romans pursued the soldiers and the Governor of Rome was forced to withdraw, and organized a campaign against Valentine. The Romanemperor changed his mind and ordered the governor of Rome to prosecute the priest.
The mission to condemn the priest had to take out the lieutenant, Asterius. This, when he stood before the priest,mocked Christianity and wanted to test Valentine. He asked if I could restore sight to one of his daughters who was blind from birth. The priest accepted in the name of the Lord worked a miracle. Thelieutenant and his entire family converted to Christianity but could not deliver Valentine's martyrdom. St. Valentine was executed on 14 February.
While imprisoned, his jailer asked to give lessonsto his daughter Julia, based on lessons and hours together, Valentine fell in love with the girl. The night before his execution, he sent a farewell note to the girl in which he signed with the words"from your Valentine", hence the origin of love letters and poems sent in love today and expression Farewell "From Your Valentine", known worldwide in thousands of postcards attached Valentine....