Harvest celebration

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What´s the meaning of Harvest celebration?
A harvest festival is an annual celebration which occurs around the time of the main harvest of a given region. Given the differences in climate and cropsaround the world, harvest festivals can be found at various times throughout the world. Harvests festivals typically feature feasting, both family and public, with foods that are drawn from crops thatcome to maturity around the time of the festival. Ample food and freedom from the necessity to work in the fields are two central features of harvest festivals: eating, merriment, contests, music andromance are common features of harvest festivals around the world.
Harvest is from the Anglo-Saxon word haverfest, "Autumn". It then came to refer to the season for reaping and gathering grain andother grown products. The full moon nearest the autumnal equinox is called the Harvest Moon. So in ancient traditions Harvest Festivals were traditionally held on or near the Sunday of the HarvestMoon.

Where is the Harvest celebration? (Places)
In Asia, the Chinese Moon Festival is one of the most widely-spread harvest festivals in the world. In North America, Canada and the US each havetheir own Thanksgiving celebrations in October and November. Numerous religious holidays, have their roots in harvest festivals, for example the harvest festival of the Jewish religion is called Sukkotor 'Feast of Ingathering' or 'the 'Feast of Tabernacles'. It is celebrated at the end of the year, after Rosh Hoshanah, the third of the great Annual Festivals.



Why the Harvest celebration?
In Britain, thanks have been given for successful harvests since pagan times. The celebrations on this day usually includesinging hymns, praying, and decorating churches with baskets of fruit and food in the festival known as Harvest Festival, Harvest Home or Harvest Thanksgiving. In British churches, chapels and...
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