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21) How can students learn each other’s names?
The students can learn each other’s names by doing the following:
* Ask them to put their names on the desk for all to see or perhaps wear name badges. Or, in a small class, you might write their names on the board and get everyone to practice putting a face to the name, example :
T: My name’s Jan
S1: His name’s Jan, and my name’s AbdullaS2: His name’s Jan, that’s Abdulla and I’m Ingrid
S3: Jan, Abdulla, Ingrid and I’m Thomas
* Get students to stand in a circle. Throw a ball or similar small object to a student as you say your name. The student then chooses another person in the circle, throws the ball and says his or her own name. After a while, when everyone has had a chance to say their name, change the activity- this timesay the name of the person you are throwing the ball.
* Ask the students to say their name and to describe themselves using an adjective beginning with the same letter as their name – example: I’m Jan and I’m jolly. I’m Abdulla and I’m amusing, etc. As each person announces their name the others can suggest adjectives. This activity can be used with more advanced students.
* Introduceany new student to the others in the class.
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22) When should a teacher use student’s names?
Teacher can use student’s names when he or she wants:
* to organize an activity
* to acknowledge a query or contribution
* to indicate who is to answer a question
* to get an individual student’s attention
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23) Why does a teacher need to organize the position of thestudents in the classroom?
The position and the way the teacher organize the positions of the students in class is of great importance, and determine their attitude to each other and to you, teacher’s attention to them, how students interact, the types of activity they can do.
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24) Why does the place students sit in a classroom determine their behaviors?
Because it depends on anumber of factors: whether the students are adults or children, whether the group is monolingual or multilingual, the personalities of the students, etc.
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25) How does a teacher change the arrangement to fit the activity? Give examples.
On TP you may be restricted by the types of chairs, tables or desk in the classroom. If you are lucky they will be freestanding but very often they arefixed or too heavy to move. Classroom furniture always affects the learning atmosphere to some extent but the choice will almost certainly be outside your control.
* With moveable desks, tables or seminar chairs of probably no more than 16 students, a horseshoe arrangement will allow easy, face to face contact between the students and between you and the students:

* The more horseshoeshaped it is more S16 is able to talk to S5. If the class has more than 16 students you may be able to make a double horseshoe. If you are forced to arrange the furniture in rows it helps if the two halves are slightly at an angle:

* You may wish to group the students around tables, café style. This works as long as they can all see what is going on at the front of the class clearly andcomfortably. This arrangement ensures that, with minor adjustments, students are in a position to change to pairwork or groupwork.

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26) When should a teacher stand and when he/she sit?
If you stand your presence is more obvious, you can be seen by all students, you can easily move around to the board or to individual students. However, it is tiring for you and can make the classseem very teacher-centred. If you sit behind a desk the traditional role of the teacher is reinforced, your authority is clearly stated but the desk cuts you off from the class. Also it is easy to have your materials well laid out and ready to hand before you. If you sit with the students, perhaps in a circle or horseshoe, you make the atmosphere more intimate and some of attention is transferred...
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