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My Personal Health Journal

Name: E. M.

Phase I: Skin and the Skeletal-Muscular System

Part A: Self Inventory: In your personal health journal for phase I, read, write and then respond to each statement below by either putting yes, sometimes or no. Then calculate your total number of points. Each “yes” is worth 5 points, each “sometimes” is worth 3 points, and each “no” is worth 0points. Finally, determine how you rate in your habits concerning theses body systems.

|Personal Heath Criteria |Score (yes, no or |
| |sometimes) |
|I wash my face twice daily.|No |
|I have a well balanced diet that includes an adequate source of vitamin A. |Sometimes |
|I include many sources of calcium and phosphorus in the food I eat. |Sometimes |
|My physical activity includesweight bearing exercises. |Sometimes |
|I take frequent breaks when working at a computer to prevent injury form repeated movements. |Yes |
|I wear proper equipment including shoes for the activities I participate in. |Yes |
|I exercise three to five timesa week. |Sometimes |
|I warm up and stretch before beginning to exercise and cool down after exercising. |Sometimes |
|I practice good posture in order to strengthen my back muscles. |Sometimes |
|I participate inactivities that increase my balance and coordination. |Yes |
| | |

My total score is 33

Part C:
My health goals for skin and the skeletal muscular system are:

1. Have my face clean at most times
2.Wash my hands correctly
3. Maintain a clean body
4. Fortify my bones
5. Develop muscles
6. Maintain my back and entire body healthy (generally)
7. Have my skin healthy
8. Keeping my hair healthy

These are the strategies for reaching my goals in skin care and care of the skeletal muscular system, which includes an exercise program:

In order to accomplish my goals I haveto carry out many actions.
1. I have to wash my face thoroughly twice daily. Besides I’ll try to use very little makeup or when I use it clean it right after I get home.
2. I will take at least 5 minutes to wash my hands and I will assure myself of washing between my fingers, the palm of my hand, the nails, my fingers, my wrists, and any other part in hand.
3. I will take a bath everyday and will scrub my back too. With the use of hypoallergenic soaps.
4. I will consume enough animal products which contain Vitamin A, and ½ cup of cooked spinach. I will eat enough food with calcium too and expose to the sun to obtain Vitamin D.
5. I will eat ½ cup of cooked spinach, one cup of yogurt, half cup of black beans, ¼ cup of walnuts and ½ cup of oats and do exercises todevelop my muscles, and always warm up and cool down after exercising.
6. I will do at least an hour of exercise daily, and eat really healthy. I will try to maintain a correct posture ate every time, also during my sleep.
7. I will drink a liter and a half of water, eat food with antioxidants and avoid being around people who are smoking. I will apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer which...
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