Healthy diet

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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2011
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Good health comes from within. External treatments alone are not enough

Lot of people forget taking care of their health because they believe that external treatments will takecare of them.

As important is taking care of your skin, your hair or your lips as having a good diet. People think that they only have to be aware of the external aspect becauseit is what humans see at the first sight. But they do no take into account that the aspect is a reflex of how healthy are their bodies. A person which has a lack of proteins andvitamins usually has a degenerated aspect. The skin reflects the lack of them and the hair starts falling.
People who start cutting down their diet, they rapidly feel like if theyneed something to help them leading with the lifestyle. They go to the chemist’s to get some medicine and with the pills, the stomach starts feeling the consequences. They starthaving health problems and as you can see a circle starts and all due the inappropriate diet.

It is tested that people who eat in good measures and absolutely all type of food (sincevegetables until some cakes) looks better and more energetic. And that implies feeling better. If you don’t have any healthy problems and you have a pretty aspect, your behaviourswill be nice too because you will be confident with yourself. If not, you will start having feelings of anger, bad humour, sadness…

However, it is not all about a healthy diet.It is also about doing exercises. Your muscles and bones must be in good conditions and this will only be possible if they are being exercised.

In conclusion if you want to likeothers forget all your creams and pills and start eating well and having three hours of exercise each week. Everybody will fall in love of you for your personality and your aspect.
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