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English review

Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving
Rip-lazy, free loader, won’t do work for his own family but he will help anyone else with their work. He falls asleep for 30 yrs goes back to town, everything is different, stays with his daughter, wife has died
Dame- she is a bitch, all she does is nag Rip to do his work all day, died from popped vain
Wolf- Rips dog, he loves Rip andfollows him in the woods, 30 years later Wolf is at Rip’s abandoned house he forgot Rip
Derrick Van Bummel- school master, a dapper learned little man, who knew all the words in the dictionary, he went to war , was a great general and now in congress
Nicholas Vedder-landlord of the inn, he sat in a seat day to night, avoided the sun, the neighbors could slow tranquail puffs when happy, angry violentpuffs when mad, dead and gone and tombstone rotted away
The Random men in the woods-creepy men bowling in the woods they are dressed funny and have a keg of flagons
Brom Dutcher-he was one of the philosophers of the town, went to war & died in the battle of Stoney point
Judith Gardiner- Rip’s daughter she takes Rip in when he returns
Little Rip- Rip’s son, just like Rip
Peter Vanderdonk- theoddest man in the city he confirms to everyone that Rips story is true
Hendrick Hudson- the first discoverer of the town and mts.

There is a man named Rip who does no work for himself but he will never turn down helping someone else. His wife always nags him to do work for her house, he always goes and talks with the philosopers in the town outside the inn. Dame nags Rip so he goes into thewoods with his dog Wolf. As he is in the woods a short man Rip does not know asks him to help carry a keg. He makes it to more people bowling, does not know them either. He gets drunk and passes out. Wakes up 30 years later goes back to town and his friends are dead his house is deteriorated. Wolf forgot who he was. All the people are wondering who he is, he tells them his story. Vanderdonkconfirms it and Rip’s daughter takes him in.

The Birthmark

Aylmer-scientist who gave up science for the love of his life but his love of science catches up to him because the mark on his wife’s face, he can’t love her as much as he loves science
Georgiana-Alymer’s beautiful wife with only on fatal flaw, the hand print mark on her face, she does bc of the science done by Alymer
Aminidab-Alymerscientific assistant who took over the lab when Alymer quit but he didn’t think Alymer should mess with the mark
Alymer could not love Georgiana as much as he wanted to bc of the mark on her face so he figured he could make a scientific potion to get rid of it, Aminbad thinks that Alymer shouldn’t mess with the mark. Alymer does it anyway. In making her the potion Georgiana drinks it and dies.Alymer tried to take the place of God by removing the mark and by removing the mark he removed her life

May-Pole of Merry Mount by Nathaniel Hawthorne (speaker in 3rd person)
Edith-sweet lady of May
Endicott- leader of the Puritans
Peter Plafrey- ancient of the band
The lord and lady of the May Pole are getting married in New England. Maypole was made of a pine tree. In the community was atwar between “jolly and gloom”. In the wedding there are people dressed in animal and tree costumes (called “Gothic monsters”). As the priest is marrying them, as this is going on, the lord and lady have a conversation about they are scared that this will be the happiest of his life. Then the Puritans come the cut down the maypole. The puritans get everyone up and beat them then steal the couple.Now they can’t get married cause the puritans and when the puritan leader sees them he saddens and takes them bc they pave potential to be puritans. The puritan leader softens up and the couple become puritans.

To the Author of her Book
This lady wrote a work and her friends took it and published it without her knowing they were trying to help her but the narrator does not believe that the...
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