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Hydrogen Workshop for Fleet Operators

Module 3, “Vehicle Operations and Maintenance Facilities”

Vehicle Operations and Maintenance Facilities Outline
1. 2.

Hydrogen Facility SiteSelection Hydrogen Facility Requirements
− − − − − −

Garage space Safety systems Specialty equipment/service bays Spatial implications Maintenance implications Facility cost implications
The CaliforniaFuel Cell Partnership’s Headquarters is a 55,000 square-foot, stateof-the-art facility that formally opened on November 1, 2000


Hydrogen Facility Codes and Standards
− −

[3 ]

Hydrogen Facility Site Selection
Include a review of:
− −

Zoning requirements Method of transport of hydrogen to the site Method of transferring hydrogen to storage vessels

−Hazardous storage and transport requirements apply Sufficient room for the truck to unload (does not apply to on-site production) Buildings must be positioned to meet required separation distancesDOE-funded facility for hydrogen-fueled vehicles and fuel cell buses located at Xerox Corporation in El Segundo, CA

[ 4 ]

Hydrogen Facility Flow Chart

US Department of Transportation, “Clean AirProgram” Design Guidelines for Bus Transit Systems Using Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel, April 1999
[ 5 ]

Hydrogen Facility Requirements
Garage space
− − − − − − − − −

6 air changes per hourHydrogen leak detection system

One of Iceland’s buses receives its weekly maintenance check-up

Fire detection and suppression system Designated parking and storage areas Ignition free spaceheating equipment Electrical classification for hazardous locations Removal of all electrical panels where hydrogen will be present Physical separation between specialty bays (welding, grinding, body,tire, brakes) from PM inspection and bays Emergency disconnect to shutdown all unessential electrical equipment in case of unsafe levels of hydrogen are detected

Natural Resources Canada,...
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