Hipotiroidismo tratamiento nutricio

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Tratamiento nutricio para pacientes con hipotiroidismo

There are several nutrients that play key roles in the thyroid gland and the thyroid hormone function: zinc, copper, iodine, seleniumand omega-3 fats. A multi-vitamin along with eating foods high in these minerals, is essential for normal thyroid hormone production and metabolism.
Dietary sources of zinc include: seafood, beef,oatmeal, chicken, liver, spinach, nuts and seeds.
Copper is mainly found in liver and other organ meats, eggs, yeast, beans, nuts and seeds.
Iodine is also an important building block forthyroid hormone.  Nutritional sources of iodine include sea fish, sea vegetables (kelp, dulse, hijiki, nori and kombu) and iodized salt.  Iodine is such a key component of thyroidhealth. However, goitrogen foods can block iodine, therefore, utilization of these foods should be limited. They include turnips, cabbage, mustard, cassava root, soybeans, peanuts, pine nuts and millet, (peaches andstrawberries may also interfere). Cooking, however, usually inactivates goitrogens.
Selenium.  One of the best natural sources of selenium is Brazil Nuts.
Omega-3 fatty acids will alsocontribute to normal thyroid function, which can be found in fish and fish oils, as well as vitamin A, which improves thyroid receptor binding and thyroid hormone activity.
Tyrosine, an amino acid and aprecursor for making thyroid hormone. A deficiency of tyrosine or low protein diets can contribute to low thyroid function. Check with your doctor if supplementation at a dose of 500-1,500milligrams (mg) daily, which has therapeutic benefits, is needed.
Exercise. Daily exercise stimulates thyroid gland function and increases tissue sensitivity to thyroid hormone.  Try walking at least30 minutes a day.  However,walking 30 minutes twice a day, seems to encourage both the fuctionability of the thyroid and weight loss versus weight gain normally associated with hypothyroidism.
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